About me

  • I am a DevOps Engineer, Blogger, YouTuber, Educator, Mentor.
  • Currently working at DigitalAi (Experitest)
  • Previously worked at WebEngage & Ample
  • Udemy Instructor
  • AWS Certified Soluion architect
  • AWS Community Builder

What i'm doing

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    Practicing DevOps since 7 years.

  • Devops Mentor


    Mentoring students who aspire to become DevOps.

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    Instructor on Udemy

    You can find courses by me on Udemy. Microsoft Azure DevOps Microsoft Intune

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    Creating DevOps related content to share knowledge & Experience.


  • Yashraj Singh Solanki

    Yashraj Singh Solanki

    Ajeet sir helped me to get onto the roadmap of DevOps and also helped me to clear the AWS Solution Architect Exam.

  • Jessica miller


    Ajeet is a great mentor who helped to get on track of DevOps practices during my initial days of first Job. I must say, I am doing good as DevOps after being mentored by him.




  1. Senior DevOps(Digital-AI)

    2019 — Present

    • Implementing Infrastructure as code(Terraform).
    • Getting Implemented Security Tools & Practices(Newrelic,Lacework).
    • Improvising on Configuration as Code(Jenkins).
    • Migration of on-premise architecture to AWS.
    • Keeping organization SOC2 Compliant.
    • Designing architecture for on-prem & SaaS customers.

  2. Senior DevOps Engineer (WebEngage)

    2016 — 2019

    • Automated infrastructure provisioning and orchestration of more than 1000 servers on AWS and Google Cloud using Chef.
    • Lead and completed migration of databases like Elasticsearch, MySQL from EC2-Classic to VPC.
    • Completed migration of various micro-services inside VPC.
    • Handled Elasticsearch cluster setup and handling with TBs of data.
    • Reduced cost and increased performance of Elasticsearch cluster by setting it up with half capacity on Spot instances using spot-fleet.
    • Operated MySQL replication with master-slave architecture.
    • Lead MySQL database migration from EC2 to RDS with no downtime using Database-Migration-Service (DMS).
    • Optimised cost and saved more than $100000 in a year on AWS bills with various cost optimization techniques.
    • Implemented scalable infrastructure using AWS Autoscaling.
    • Design and developed a micro-service for lag reporting using Python + RDS + AWS Lambda + Slack-command.
    • Centralized-LoggingusingEFK(Elasticsearch+Fluentd+Kibana). • Kubernetes Cluster set upon AWS using KOPS and on GCP using GKE(Google Kontainer Engine).
    • Setting up of EFK on Kubernetes using fluentd daemonset.
    • CI/CD using Jenkins.
    • Deployment of couple of service using Ansible.
    • Monitoring & alerting using Datadog.

  3. DevOps Engineer (Ample)

    2015 — 2016

    • Infrastructure setup using Ansible on AWS.
    • Monitoring & alerting using Newrelic.
    • Deployment automation using Ansible and Ansijet.
    • CI/CD using Jenkins.
    • Load testing using Locust.
    • Various automation script for backups.
    • Setup Consul.




    Completed MCA with 8.9 CGPA.



    Completed BCA with 8.6 CGPA.



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